If eco friendly and sustainability is what you look for when staying away from home, then Sippers is what you are looking for. Sippers is a 5 star sustainable house with 1.5 air-span under the roof, 3.0 batts in the ceiling, 1.5 batts in all external walls, 3.0 batts under the floor and in the ceiling down stairs and sound-stop insulation in the inter walls between the rooms. Very well insulated from the Stanthorpe Winter and Summer.

There is 6.5 kilowatts of Solar panels on the roof producing green power in to Ergon electricity grid . This system producers more power back to consumers than we could ever use in the house ourselves.

There is 2 hot water systems and 2 , 100lt per minute pumps. The first, a heat pump (340lt) runs 3 bathrooms down stairs. The 2nd, Solar Hart (270lt) one bathroom down stairs , the laundry, the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen

North facing verandas - up and down stairs - solar panels rain water eco friendly 6 star energy rated - native garden designed to attract bees, birds, butterflies with minimal water.